The EWCPA Board proudly takes the responsibility to chart the future for our special community here at the EWC. The board mission is to develop an Asia-Pacific community that can work productively together and promote harmony among nations. In line with the EWCPA Constitution, the future will consist of an EWC participant community that comes together across country lines, cultural lines, and program lines to live, learn, share, and experience culture, diversity, thoughts, arts, knowledge music, talents and ohana with few distinctions made between programs or countries. The overriding goals of student advocacy, promoting culture, and developing community spirit will pervade all activities of the EWCPA.

The EWCPA community will be brought together in a variety of social and academic forums in order to take advantage of all of the talents and skills of members of EWCPA community towards building a stronger Asia-Pacific community. Also, through various representatives EWCPA will strive to address the concerns of all members and promote community interests wherever appropriate.

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  1. Mr. Milano Opulencia Torres

    To EWCPA!

    Hi there everyone, I am Milan, a Filipino native, and currently teaching in one of the local colleges in the my home province. I am very much interested to pursue graduate studies in business abroad, however, I am always considering my financial capability especially an outside the country attendance to a graduate school. In this regard, may I personally inquire about any grant or financial assistance your organization is providing?

    I am hoping for your kind response, thank you very much and more power!


  2. Dear EWCPA Board, perhaps the EWCPA should call on students and alumni to generate ideas for the EWC’s 50 anniversary. I was thinking of an essay contest in which people share their EWC experiences or how the EWC has enriched their lives and transformed them into better global citizens and community members. The best essays could be published as a book for international distribution and used as a fund raiser to implement a move to sustainable practices (solar/water catchment/green roofs/low energy laundry/refrigerators/low emmission vehicles etc.) for the EWC campus.

  3. ugyen


    I am from Bhutan . Currently I am working in the Election Commission of Bhutan as a Language Coordinator. I did my BA in language course (Dzongkha) at Sherubtse College in Bhutan . This academic institution is affiliated with the University of Delhi, India. I received the Presidency Award in form of a Gold medal from the College for topping the final year.

    During the first elections in Bhutan my duty in the Election Commission comprised the translation of the entire electoral documents from English into our national language Dzongkha without having any background of translation knowledge.

    My greatest wish is to be a professional translator or interpreter, For that I am looking for the basic course of translating or interpreting.

    In Bhutan (developing country) I am not from a privileged family background. Thus I would depend on funding opportunities and it would be very kind if you could also provide me with some information on funding possibilities for people like me .

    I hope to hearing from you soon,

    With kind regards,


    Language coordinator

    Election Commission of Bhutan

  4. Grilo

    Jogjakarta- 13/07/2009
    Attention to;
    East-West Center participan assosiation (EWCPA)

    Firstly allow me to introduce my self. My name is Grilo Dos Santos Colly From East Timor (Timor Leste). Now I’m enrolling at final years of academic at Janabadra University Yogyakarta (Indonesia). Agriculture is my field of study on November 2009 I will finishing my study at this Janabadra University.
    Through this letter, I expected apparently the agreeing USTL Scholarship Program Coordinator gave me the free opportunity to continue the level post graduate with the target of this Wish agriculture of the study program, for a long time has been hidden by me in the marrow and my heart, but I felt perhaps that only a dream and the impossible dream could be achieved by me. Why was like this? Because I was propped up by economics, likewise my parents in the village also experienced the same thing, that is hemmed in by economics. Imagined, when I wanted to continue my study at University in Indonesia my parents were forced to have to sell the paddy-field so that my intention of going to study could be filled by them. In under going lectures, to alleviate the burden of parents, then I must live in with the other person for 3 years. Besides this, I also looked for the addition by teaching the Senior High School and the Private studied children. Moreover, I also in holiday time often filled up the activity in order to increase the cost of living in the foreign region,
    with my background then I really needed help of USTL Scholarship Program Coordinator so that I could continue my education to post graduate.I’m verry Interest to continuing my study but verry dificult for me to continue becawse I don’t have donator to suport me.
    Thank you verry much.
    Grilo Dos Santos Colly

  5. i am dendup tshering form Bhutan, and currently i am a teacher in one of the government school.
    I have been teaching for last five years and now i want to upgrade and pursue master in Education.

    When i visited you website, i was happy to see that ADB (Asian Development Bank-Government of Japan Scholarship ) was offering scholarship.

    so, how do i go about this opportunity. please help to get this scholarship. it would not only upgrade my qualification but i can do something for the benefit for the society in general.

  6. Almerindo da Costa cardoso

    Could you provide some information about USTL announcement for scholarship awards 2009 -2010?

    thank you

  7. safdar ali safdar

    i really appreciate your great effort and want to take much imformation and oppertunaty to particpate your programs for my career development.i hope you will encourage me.

  8. P.M.Azinga


    I had a question? Recent I read in the Honolulu Advertiser that the Director of International Programs was being laid off.

    How do you expect to host the ASEAN 2011 if you don’t have a DIRECTOR? Or is this a different program?

  9. Umesh

    I found it very helpful for me to get the information about a number of scholarship schemes for my further studies…I am a Nepali student currently pursuing my BBA from India in an India Government scholarship scheme. I want to have a scholarship to do my Master’s degree. Can you please help me about my possible options and opportunities of being eligible for ADB Scholarships? If yes, what possible schemes will help me?

  10. sutanto Hardjolukito, Ph.D

    I am an EWC participant period 1979-1984 (Environment and Policy Institute).
    Now I ‘ve been active in the University of Sahid graduate school, Jakarta, Indonesia. The strength of the organization is in the area of hospitality management, supported by Sahid Hotel and appartment business which exist and operated in most of big city in Indonesia. Since we have been back up by such a strong hotel business, I would think that there might be a strong cooperation and synergy in that area between the EWC and Sahid graduate school could be established.
    Thanks for your comments.

  11. Pen Sophal

    I am working as Director of Department of Urban planning of the Ministry of Land Management, Urban planning and Construction ( National Level). I have the Bachelor Degree and Master degree of Architecture and town planning and I have the PhD, Master and bachelor degrees in Law. I am very pleased to request to participate the Association in EWC.



  13. im happy when im following scholarship from eastwestcenter for Timor Leste im pray for good to help me to success for my future n for my country because im from family poor . thank you very much.



  15. Joseph Mimb

    Just to be in permanent contact with you;as international students from Cameroon on my behalf will use this site web;specially at the moment their enrollment and admission at Hawaii ELS Center/University is confirmed.Please let me know any disconvenience.
    May GOD bless you!


  16. Alisha Gautam

    I am one of the grantee for NESA UGRAD program in United states For 10 month. I saw and heard about the program and so Interested to know more about it and want to be a part of it.

  17. Sokkun lim

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I had read ADB scholarship announcement and EWC in one of the universities that have colarorated with ADB. So i would like to suggest you update to me the academic that available in this university.

  18. shivu prasad

    I completed my post graduation in biochemistry from Kuvempu University where I was given the responsibility of managing a small project. I am looking for a suitable position in your university/Programme persuing Ph.D. I believe my background and experience will help me be an asset to your research institution in a very short time.

    I have conducted and participated in project during my study, and performed preliminary analysis and extracted compounds from Usnea longissima (lichen species) & was also given the responsibility of producing a general lay-out for the new compound for its anti-microbial property. I surveyed the area, produced a good result, and wrote a twenty-five page report depicting the anti microbial property of the species.

    I worked as Junior Research Fellow in silkworm physiology department at Central Sericulture Research and Training Institute Mysore. In this project , we formulated the chemical ingredients such as carbohydrate, amino acids, riboflavin, casein, fatty acids and mulberry leaves in a suitable proportion and cooked under pressure. The resultant Semisynthetic diet paste was feed to growing larvas which are upto second molting stage. The advantage of this diet is instead of leaves we may can feed Semisynthetic diet as supplement. Now this technique is commercialized and farmers are successfully adopted and are using in south India.

    My biochemical/microbiological skills are excellent and I am very conscious about meeting deadlines and completing tasks unsupervised. I have some publications too.

    If given the opportunity to accomplish an assignment, I can develop a plan that will meet the needs of the project.

    Currently I am working as a Senior Research Fellow on project entitled “Understanding the mechanism of off-season flowering and fruiting in mango under different environmental conditions” which involves isolation and purification of endogenous growth substances such as ABA, Cytokinins, Auxins, IAA and gibberlins from leaves and flower buds which are responsible for on and off season flowering in mango. The concentration is measured by HPLC and structure are determined by GCMS. Along with these I also worked on isolation and purification of sucrose synthase, sucrose invertase and other glucose metabolizing enzymes.

    I am very much interested to becoming a part of your project(Ph.D.)/
    institution. I am here with sending my CV and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Shivu Prasad S.R MSc,
    Senior Research Fellow
    Indian Institute of Horticultural Research
    +91 9945823473

  19. teotonio monteiro freitas

    Hai all membership and students (EWCPA) i just to say congratulation to this program is very good,i am amazing for htis program i will tray to applay this program.
    great from
    Teotonio monteiro freitas

  20. Nani Safuni

    I graduated from master of nursing of Nursing school of Flinders University, Australia. My area of interest is Diabetic Nursing

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