Board 2014-2015

President: Jonathan Valdez

Vice President: Etsuko Yamaguchi

Secretary: Daniel Holden

Treasurer: Mirza Uzair Baig

Hale Manoa Representative: Alireza Eshragi

Hale Kuahine Representative: Xinyun Lun

Friends of EWC Representative: Ryan Shelby

Alumni Representative: Imelda

Community Service Coordinators: Shabib Hagar and Amota Ataneka

Activity Coordinators: Emily Wright and Rong Fang

Sustainability Coordinators: Ritz Goten and Lelemia Irvine

Community Garden Coordinator: Kathryn Metzker

Movie Coordinator: Hyunah Anh

Shuttle Coordinator: Min Namkoong

Vacant Positions:

GSO Representative

Social Media Coordinator

2 thoughts on “Board 2014-2015

    1. Good idea! I think we refrained from posting e-mails to prevent spam. However, we definitely want you to be able to reach out to us, so I will bring this up. If you happen to be around, there’s lists with all our e-mail addresses in Hale Manoa, Hale Kuahine, and Burns Hall (Education).

      Thanks for your feedback.

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