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3 thoughts on “Digital Comment Form

  1. fazli

    Thanks EWCPA board members especially Kuhio.. I really enjoy and appriciate all you guys effort making CBI week to be remembered. The halal food is awesome too!!!

    1. EWC_Education

      Tanks Fazli.. Hope CBI will be a memorable experience during your time in Hawaii 🙂

      EWCPA List-Serv Coordinator

  2. Sarah Phillipd

    It seems there is a worker who takes trash out in one of the gray bins at 4:30 weekday mornings. He uses the sidewalk on the mauka side of hale Manoa which runs right below my room. The wheels are very squeaky on the gray cart and the sound of it rolling on the sidewalk is very loud. The first week I was here I thought I kept waking up at 4:30 cuz of jet lag, but then last week realized it was the sound of the garbage being taken out. At least I think that is what it is, could be them transporting something else. It’s very loud and often takes more than one trip. Since we all sleep with our windows open, those of us who aren’t heavy sleepers are being woken up by this.

    Is it possible to ask that the big, gray, rolling bins not be used along the pathway bordering hale Manoa until at least 6:30? That is when the sun is up anyways and many people are starting to wake up. 4;30 is a little early to start your day and I’ve been woken out of sound sleep at that approximate time most weekdays that I’ve been here.

    Thank you,


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